RAM Racing Engines
Images from
Richardson Auto Machine's
Car Project Gallery

Below are some of the cars/vehicles customized/restored/improved upon
by Richardson Auto Machine.

Feast your eyes upon a 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, cruising around with a 380 cubic inch Poly putting 381hp and 390 lbft of torque to work!

This is what a 360 cubic inch-392 hp-392 lbft of torque Poly engine plays in...a 1963 Fury...

and this is what a Poly looks like in its natural habitat...

Hemi Super Bee -- currently earning it's flight time

Lightning Bee? Bees need Hemis
Hemi Super Bee

NYC Firefighter's 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury & her 318 Poly

1966 Plymouth Sport Fury 318 Poly
1966 Plymouth Sport Fury 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

Below are other, earlier, RAM Projects -- imagine what we can do for yours!

1931 Plymouth

The blown hemi and it's carriage are once more united.

1963 SuperStock
A 1963 Plymouth SuperStock -- she was museum-bound, but another car took her place under glass.

1969 M Code Dart
This was quite a project -- and won us much praise from a M-Code expert at Carlisle, too.

1971 Hemi Cuda
1971 Hemi Cuda -- Customized

1969 GTX
1969 GTX

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